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Monday, June 1, 2009

Monday Movie Meme - Your Collection

: Twilight - I haven't even owned it a month and I have watched it at least once a day. Sad I know.

NEVER VIEWED: There are a few actually. Madagascar comes to mind. We got it for my son but I myself haven't seen it yet.

AFRAID TO ADMIT YOU OWN: Batman & Robin - Only reason we have this is it came as a set of all the Batman movies.

GUILTY PLEASURE: Beavis & Butthead Do America - I would consider this a guilty pleasure at it doesn't involve any thinking!! And its fun!

MOST SHARED: Lost Season 1 box set - EVERYONE must watch this show!!!

WHY DID WE BUY THIS?: I am going to have to say nothing,, I won't buy it unless I like it.

MOST TREASURED: Leon: The Professional (International Release) I don't know why but I really care about this DVD.

WILDCARD: Kung Pow: Enter The Fist - I normally hate these kind of films, but my husband begged me to watch it and I loved it!!


The Bumbles said...

I need to rent the first 2 seasons of Lost. I didn't start watching until the end of Season 2. I love the show but I think if I had seen more than just the retrospective shows of the first 2 season I would have figured out more theories by now. Whatever will we do until next year? Whatever will we do after it all ends? I could talk Lost for days on end. Have you ever read the blog on Entertainment Weekly's site? It is awesome. - Doc Jensen is the writer I believe.

Skittles said...

That's quite a list of movies!

I dropped by to tell you you have been added to the HoT blogroll. :)

Daisy said...

Well its ok to add movies you don't really own but have on your PC perhaps or borrowed? Anyway I have yet to see Burden of Dreams. I don't think I have heard of that. LOL

Daisy said...

Ops Sorry this comment was for another MMM participant. hehe...

I lole your list btw, but I don't I like Batman & Robin! Anything of Batman is good to me. lol