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Friday, June 26, 2009

Food 4 Thought Friday

What is your favorite part of the summertime?
I love the flowers, the storms, the sunsets, lightning bugs, cookouts! Too many things!

How was this week different than others?
This week has been like a rollercoaster. Alot of stress and also alot of good news too.

What did you think of Michael Jackson?
I loved him. I grew up dancing to his music and always thought he was amazing. Yes he was bizarre but he was thrust into the limelight at age 8 and never had a normal childhood. Of course he was going to be strange. But I do not believe he was a bad person. I think people took advantage of him.

Midnight Snack
What do you have planned for this weekend?
Not too much. Birthday lunch at Olive Garden for my MIL on Sunday, apart from that no plans yet.

Recipe for the Week (instead of your recipe for life, what is it just for this week?)
After losing so many famous people this week I think I am going to try to live life to the fullest this week. We never know how long we have.

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