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Thursday, June 18, 2009

3x Thursday: 06/18/y2k+9: Sleep

3x Thursday

1. In general, do you sleep well? Why/why not?

Most of the time, however if I am stressed or anxious I tend to toss and turn.

2. How much sleep do you generally get a night? Is it enough for you? What’s your ideal sleep time/schedule?

Usually around 7-8 hours. I think I get enough most of the time. I usually go to bed really late, between 2-4am and I get up around 10:30-11am. School days I get up at 6:30am to make sure my son gets on his bus then I go back to bed. Hubby works third shift so I tend to have his sleep schedule.

3. Do you sleep thru the night? If so, good for you! If not, do you know why? What do you do to get back to sleep?

I get up at least twice to use the bathroom, but apart from that I usually sleep through. I am a pretty heavy sleeper.

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