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Thursday, June 25, 2009

3x Thursday: 06/25/y2k+9: News

3x Thursday

1. Were do you get most of your national news? Where do you get most of your local news? Is one easier to get than others?

We only watch Fox News. We didn't get it until we got cable. Which I think stinks.

2. Do you believe what you see/read in/on the news? Why/why not?

It depends on the network and what they are talking about. I think Fox is the most honest news network I have watched over here. And I am saying this as an unbiased person who has only recently moved to the USA. Most other media networks are very biased in my opinion.

3. What do you think of the 24 hour news cycle? Do you think it helps us to know what is going on, or do you think it’s a bad idea, or too much? Why/why not?

I don't mind. I think its good if you don't have time to sit down and watch it at a specific time.

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Leora said...

Interesting. Lately, I've been getting my news via Twitter. People I follow tweet something, and then I look it up in Google News or I check the Drudge Report.