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Sunday, June 21, 2009

Sunday Stealing - 21/06/09

1. I've come to realize that my last kiss... was beautiful!

2. I am listening to... my husband sleeping.

3. I talk... way too much!

4. I love... my family.. and coffee!

5. My best friend/s... is my husband.

6. My first real kiss... was so long ago I can hardly remember it.

7. Love is... feeling like a part of you is missing when you are apart.

8. Marriage is... easy, when you marry the right person.

9. Somewhere, someone is thinking... that somewhere else someone is thinking...

10. I'll always... take photographs.

11. The last time I really cried was because... was while reading Eclipse - Stephanie Meyer.

12. My cell phone... is in the car and is probably dead cause I have no need for one here in the USA.

13. When I wake up in the morning... I groan. Then put on the coffee.

14. Before I go to bed... I turn off all the lights and check the doors.

15. Right now I am thinking about... coffee.

16. Babies are... something I want right now!!

17. I get on Myspace... about once a month.

18. Today I... am going to a family cookout for Father's Day.

19. Tomorrow I will be... doing housework.

20. I really want to be... a good person.


NurseExec said...

I love my coffee too! Have a happy Sunday :)

Anonymous said...

I don't know why I even have a cell phone. I live in the mountains of VA and I don't get signal here. lol