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Saturday, June 27, 2009

Monday Crazy Questions: Hodgepodge

I am very late with this but I only just found it and I liked the questions!

1. MEN- Boxers, briefs or commando? I like boxers on my man
LADIES-Hipsters, thongs or granny panties? Hipsters

2. have you ever had an infatuation with someone on the internet? I met my husband on the internet so that is a big YES!

3. a 20 dollar bill is laying on the door step of a store as you are leaving. Half the bill sits outside the door..half in. do you turn it in or pocket it?
If you were coming INTO the store when you saw it, would it make any difference in your decision?
I would let my husband decide, and knowing him he would take it!

4. you just won the lottery....your family will be all over it as soon as they find out. Do you try to keep from telling them about it?
My family wouldn't act like that and I would tell them. They would get part of it.

5. Did you ever play ' I'll show you mine, if you show me yours', when you were a child?
Wait, you mean your supposed to stop playing that?

6. Do you remember a huge crush you had on someone while in high school?
Did the crush turn into more?

Yes and no. I had the biggest crush on a senior when I was a sophomore and he was the lead in the school play and was really good looking and artistic. I was never into the usual athletic types. I liked the arty, talented, smart guys.

7. Have you ever had a full body massage?
Were you comfortable or uneasy about being touched all over?
Yes I have and no not really. It wasn't a sensual massage or anything, they don't touch your privates! I have a bad back and neck so massages to me aren't usually enjoyable in that sense, they hurt more than anything.

8. What do you think of wet tshirt contests?
Tacky. Unless it's a hunky guy! haha

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Lani said...

roflol.. Loved your answers and I loved that you did it late!!! Thanks.. I'll post a new one tomorrow. I had 3 questions on tomorrows that is on this stealing Sunday I had to come up with new questions... :-)
BTW..I like your unusual and cute!