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Monday, January 25, 2010

Saturday, January 23, 2010

Camera Critter #94

My new kitty!

Sunday Stealing: Negativity

Foods which disgust the crap out of me: Offal eg: liver, brains, tongue etc

TV show I loathe: Desperate Housewives

Movie I loathe: Red Eye

Music genres I loathe: Rap

Magazine which annoys me: Any gossip mag

Makes me cranky at restaurant: bad food

Makes me cranky in public: rude people

Makes me cranky in general: rude people

Pisses me off at home: nothing to eat

Pisses me off at work: when someone steals your lunch

Pisses me off in general: stupid people

Makes me impatient at home: waiting for someone to come over

Makes me impatient at work: waiting for a supervisor

Makes me impatient in public: waiting in long queues

Celebrity I hate: Andy Dick

Music artist I hate: Kanye West

I could care less about: Paris Hilton

Annoys the crap out of me weekdays: Son's bus driver

Annoys the crap out of me weekends: Not being able to sleep in on Sundays

Blogger's habit that annoys you: too many posts

Feature on your blog you hate: The limitations

Movie star you despise: Steven Seagal (although I wouldn't call him a star)

Politician that you hate: Nancy Pelosi and all her cronies, including her Boss.

Friday, January 22, 2010

Photohunt 197: Balanced

MSH - Soccer

This is my husband being silly in a department store a couple of years ago.