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Monday, June 15, 2009

Ten on Tuesday

10 Things You’d Bring on a Deserted Island

  1. Solar powered generator
  2. axe
  3. laptop
  4. camera
  5. sturdy tent
  6. tongs
  7. hunting knife
  8. towel
  9. a boat
  10. my husband
What? I'm a realist!! haha


caryl said...

hehe, we're same on solar generator... and other 4 items, haha...

great lists. happy tuesday!

dzoi said...

too bad I learned about solar generator just now or else I would've brought more electronics with me!

Joanne MV said...

I have laptop and my husband on my list as well.

I should've thought of bringing a solar generator...hmm...

I played as well ->

Avenue Junkie said...

dang! that solar generator escaped me. LOL. great list!

onangelwings said...

You are a realist. Great list.

yen said...

camera and laptop are on my list too! mine is up

Mejis said...

Great list!

Sherrie said...

Great list! I only have 2 from your list, my camera and my hubby. Totally forgot about a generator, darn. Have a great day!


Robin said...

Darn!.....I didn't think of the solar generator. :-)

Have a beautiful day.

lovesmukiwa said...

Even if you took power, what would you do with a laptop?

Carrie said...

I brought my hubby, too... he would probably be the one to remember the solar powered generator. Great list.

Vanniedosa said...

ow! how come i never thought of my husband and the generator! ahahaha

great list. mine's here