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Saturday, June 20, 2009

Saturday Six - 06/20/09

1. You’re invited to a get-together with friends, and you’re asked to bring a tasty treat: what are you most likely to bring?

I like making desserts so I would make a trifle of a pavlova.

2. Considering your answer to the previous question, are you more likely to buy something already prepared, or prepare something from scratch on your own?

I would make it myself.

3. Where is the last place you met a close friend for coffee or a meal?

It's been a long time and it was when we still lived in Australia. At least a year ago. I don't have any close friends here yet.

4. Take the quiz: What Mexican Food Are You?

You Are a Burrito

You life large, and you're happiest when you're the center of attention.

You are popular and appealing. You are charming and naturally flirtatious.

You are a trendsetter. You're always trying something new, and you never get stuck in a rut.

You are open minded and adventurous. You love to mix seemingly random elements together.

5. How many local restaurants have some special sentimental significance for you because of time you’ve spent there with family or friends?

None here, in Australia there are plenty. Hubby & I used to go to the same cafe for breakfast on a Saturday for years. The owners knew our order by heart and we all had a cry on our last Saturday. We still keep in contact with them.

6. If you had a local restaurant that you liked, but that was a hangout for you and a close friend, and that friend moved away, would you find it hard to go back how hard would it be for you to continue going to that restaurant?

I don't think I would stop going, its memories, so I would keep going to keep them fresh in my mind.

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