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Sunday, June 14, 2009

SOOC Sunday

I took this last night right at the beginning of a huge storm! This was a fluke shot actually. I was testing out the settings on the camera and wasn't expecting to get anything. Funnily enough this was 1 out of 2 shots I managed to get of the lightning.



Lynn said...

The photo is an incredible shot. I love it.

BTW, welcome to the USA. :D

Sherrie said...

Awesome Photo!!! WOW, looks like you were standing right under it. Have a great day!


Jan said...

Nikki, love your capture. It's even more spectacular, because it's a fluke!

Anonymous said...

That is cool!

April said...

I stopped by to comment on your camera critter entry, but this very impressive photo of the lightning caught my eye too. Well done!