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Saturday, July 4, 2009

Saturday 6 - Episode 273

1. What was the very first pet you ever had? How close were you to that pet?

I can't remember the first as we had cats & dogs all the time when we were kids and I was the youngest. But the earliest pet I remember is our cat Champagne. She was a white & ginger cat that kept having kittens! We were supposed to be watching her for a friend for a few months and we ended up keeping her for years. The reason she kept having kittens was her real owner didn't want her to be fixed and we couldn't afford it. She was a sweet cat though.

2. What is the most unusual pet you’ve had?
We used to have penny turtles when we were little.

3. How many different kinds of animals have you owned and which type do you think acted the closest to you?
We have had dogs, cats, chickens, horses. I think dogs are the most loving and loyal.

4. Take the quiz: What Pet Are You Like?

You Are Like a Dog

You are a natural best friend. You are very loyal and faithful.

In your eyes, your friends can do no wrong. You will stick with them no matter what.

You have a protective streak, and you can be downright nasty if you're being threatened.

More than anything else, you are playful and laid back. You truly live in the moment.

5. Do you have any desire to have an “exotic” pet? If so, what exotic pet would you most likely choose?
I wouldn't mind a python.

6. Which exotic pet would you least likely own?
Tarantula.. ewwwww, They have them at our local pet store and I cringe just going past the room they are in!


Chrisy said...

Came her via Hey Harriet's shadowshots...loved your moon pic! Well did the quiz and I too am a doggie! Was sure I'd be a cat lazin in the sunshine...

Anonymous said...

I know it's not Saturday anymore but I think I shall do this one.