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Tuesday, May 26, 2009

TMI Tuesday #188

1. Before the industrial revolution, most people never traveled more than 30 miles from their home. How far from your birth place do you now live?
11,472 miles or 18,461km (I moved from Perth, Australia to NC, USA last year)

2. What is the fartherest distancet from home you have you have ever had sex or an orgasm? What is there farthest distance you have travelled from your home to have a sexual encounter?
Same as above, this is where my husband lived before we got married.

3. How many states (or Canadian provences or your country's geopolitical division) and counties have you had sex and/or an orgasms in?
In the USA, just 1

4. Have you ever had sex in a vehicle? While the vehicle was moving?
Yes & no

5. Do you have any travel related fantasy? If so, share, please.
Not sexual ones.


{{ d a n i m o }} said...

whoa! you've definitely won the long-distance challenge! 11,000 miles. . . phew!

is perth a bit metropolis? everyone i'm hearing about recently is from there or has lived there. hm.

Nikki said...

Perth is a fairly good size city. The population is over 1 million

Mistress L said...

You need to head over to the next state right now and get busy =)