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Saturday, May 2, 2009

Saturday 9: Settling the Score

1. Do you feel that you have “a score to settle” with anyone?
Oh yes, quite a few people actually!

2. Do you own anything that you think is unbreakable?
my love for my husband.

3. Tell us about a crazy thing you did in high school.
We helped a friend run away from home because her parents were beating her up and they called the police and we were taken in and questioned and everything!

4. Name the one talent of yours that you think is the best.
Taking photos

5. Who wins American Idol? (if you don’t watch, tell us about a reality show that you do follow.)
I don't really follow any reality TV shows anymore.

6. What is your favorite movie in black & white?

7. What is one thing advertised too much on TV?

8. What is your current favorite TV drama?
Grey's Anatomy

9. What is your current favorite TV comedy?
Better off Ted


fickleinpink said...

well, #3 must have scared you! You are a good friend,though.

Happy weekend!

I am Harriet said...

I think you did the right thing for your friend.
Too funny about the Shamwow pitchman getting into trouble.

shopannies said...

that sounds crazy but like something any great person would do

NurseExec said...

Lucky friend to have you!

Bud Weiser, WTIT said...

That is a sad story about your friend. You guys were mature! Enjoy your Saturday...

~~tonya~~ said...

High school story is a great one! Good for you. My daughter did a similar thing for a friend with an eating disorder...told her parents.

Duchess Dethroned said...

Wow! #3 sounds crazy! Good for you!

Dimple's Mom said...

I've watched a bit of Grey's Ana and yeah it was quite a drama. :)

Nice answers. Mine are here -

See ya!

Anonymous said...

I totally forgot about Clerks! That's such a good movie!