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Sunday, May 3, 2009

Sunday Stealing: The Twenty Firsts Meme

I have to say, this one was a bit silly, I mean who can remember some of these things!!

Sunday Stealing: The Twenty Firsts Meme

First Job: Waitress

First Real Job: Waitress

First Favorite Politician: Bob Hawke (Australian Prime Minister)

First Car: 1979 Toyota Corona

First Record/CD: Ghostusters Soundtrack

First Sport Played: no idea

First Concert: INXS

First Foreign Country Visited: USA (I am originally from Australia)

First Favorite TV Show: The Goodies

First Favorite Actor: River Phoenix

First Favorite Actress: Drew Barrymore

First Girlfriend/Boyfriend: Peter

First Encounter with a Famous Person: No idea

First Brush With Death: pneumonia when I was a baby

First House/Condo Owned: The one I live in now.

First Film Seen: I have no idea

First Favorite Recording Artist: The Split Enz

First Favorite Radio Station: No idea

First Book I Remember Reading: Where the Wild Things Are

First Meme You Answered on Your Blog: Photohunt


I am Harriet said...

That Ghostbusters soundtrack was probably a good one.

Carleen said...

Did you know that Where the Wild Things Are is on the American Library Association's Top 100 List of Most Frequently Challenged Books? How's that for a bit of Sunday morning trivia? ;)

Here's wishing you a fun-filled Sunday!

Anonymous said...

I hear they are making a movie of Where the Wild Things Are.

kalea_kane said...

I just love Where the Wild Things Are. Great answers. :)