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Saturday, May 30, 2009

Photohunt - Books


I have recently become a Twilight Saga fan and have read these twice in the past 2 weeks!


magiceye said...

that is a lot of reading!
lovely image!

Lisa said...

I've read them too. Just finished them. I had a hard time with the last book so it took me 2 weeks to read. I just didn't always want it to go the way Stephenie did, anyway I'm glad I read them. I saw the movie 1st but it was nuch better after I read the books!!
Hugs, Lisa

MJ said...

Nice photo like the tones alot.

Mine is here

Leann said...

Stopping by for Pink Sat and wanted to comment here too. I read the entire series in 4 days then rented the movie on demand that Saturday. I was hooked!!

Loved you photo of the pink flower too!


Upcountrysmiles said...

Aloha from Maui, HI! it twice in a week--beautiful picture btw.
Happy photo hunting to you!

Cindy O
Come by & visit.

Bim said...

Lovely photo - at first sight I thought the book backs were carefully wrapped chocolates :)

just jody said...

nice shot.....i guess i'm gonna have to break down and read these. i was the same way with the harry potter books but once i read them i
enjoyed them.

srp said...

What a lovely photo, nice angle and unusual. Great job! My books are up here.

Gorgeous Nelly said...

I haven't read my twilight books yet. Happy PH, mine's up too and guess what? It's twilight too.