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Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Ten on Tuesday

10 Ways You Can Save Money

1. Add shredded vegetables eg: zucchini, carrot to spaghetti sauce to bulk it up and you also get more vegies in your diet.

2. Ask a friend or relative to go halves with you in bulk meat or vegetable purchases.

3. Join a coupon swapping group, there are alot of groups online.

4. Shop at Aldi's or a similar place, you won't believe the savings!

5. Thrift stores are fantastic for many things.

6. Check places like or your local classifieds for Free items or clearance items.

7. Invest in a good set of flannelette sheets and a warm quilt to save on heating bills on mild winter nights.

8. Use the internet to communicate with people rather than calling or sending letters.

9. No brand items usually work just as well as name brand products and cost alot less.

10. If you have the space, buy a few chickens and feed then kitchen scraps. Its an endless supply of eggs!


Sonya said...

Great list! I forgot about the bulk meat purchases....we just did that for the first time and it has really paid off!

Joyce said...

Hi, Nikki,
We really like, too, and use it quite a bit.

Faith said...

Great list...I use a few of those ideas already, but I'll have to try the Aldis idea...I just recently went in the one in our town for the very first time to look for something they had on sale but I'll definitely have to go back!