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Tuesday, October 20, 2009

WTH Wednesday: Rednecks

1. It is a common myth that anyone who lives in a trailer is a redneck. Do think this myth is true?
I live in one and no it is not true. I am so not a redneck!

2. Have you ever been to a redneck wedding and if so describe it?

3. What makes a person a redneck?
Anyone like Cletus on the Simpsons. I am yet to meet a full blown Redneck and I live in NC.

4. Do you know any rednecks or have any in the family? Just because your family tree branches doesn't mean you don't have a redneck or two in it.
Hubby tells me he has some in his family that live in Gastonia. I havn't met them though.

5. Say you had to enter a Redneck Games competition. Which event do you think you'd win the gold medal in?
No idea!

6. Does a mullet make a man sexy or skanky?
The only man that has been able to pull off any form of a mullet is Mel Gibson back in the day. But mostly they are not good.

7. Do you keep your Christmas lights on your front porch all year long?
We don't have them at all.

8. What do you think of when you hear the term muddin'?
That I must have misheard them.

9. Can duck tape really fix anything?
Isn't it Duct tape? :D

10. Know any redneck words?
Ummm ... 'mader?

11. Why is it that if aliens are looking for intelligent life they always seem to abduct the biggest rednecks?
Probably cause they are out late at night tipping cows.

12. Famous last words of a redneck:
Let's go cow tipping.

13. Finish this sentence: You might be a redneck if...
Your tires are so high that you can't get into your truck anymore...


Anonymous said...

You're right it is duct tape. That's what I get for not proof reading before I posted it. lol
If you want to see a redneck just come to southwest Virginia. We have tons down here.

Aussie Nikki in USA said...

Hey that's not too far from me! We live fairly close to the Virginia border.

LivingDeadNurse said...

i am disappointed that i didn't catch her duck tape

and yes drive thru southwest va and u will see plenty