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Thursday, August 13, 2009

Thematic Photographic 62 - Abandoned

Old house

An old abandoned house near our where we live.

Thematic Photographic


quilly said...

Oh, this was once a beautiful home! I imagine someone was very proud of it. I wonder what went wrong?

Lovely capture. It looks very lonely.


Jientje said...

It still looks proud. Abandoned thing makes you wonder about their story, don't they? I felt the same.
I saw your comment, you said you LOVE abandoned buildings eh? Mine is : here

Heather said...

I agree ... it looks so proud. It's sad ... and I, too, wonder about the family that lived there.

Vita Stunder said...

I agree with the others..
It looks proud! Like it's saying: "I'm still here"

Have a great day!

Melli said...

Ohhhhh but what a GREAT house it was in it's day! So sad that it wasn't kept up... The stories it could tell...

Mine is up here.

Elisabeth said... sad. What might have been, what was and what will be? Wonderful example of abandoned.

Love 2B Homeschoolers said...

It always amazes me when such sad things can be so beautiful. You did a great job photographing this. It looks lovely despite it's subject matter.

My “abandoned” photo is here if you'd like to stop by!

Regina said...

Beautiful shot!
Have a nice weekend.

Nikki-ann said...

It looks like something has been dropped through the porch!

I think the house would look great if some care was taken with it. It certainly looks like it was once a lovely home. said...

NO WAY!! I would love to fix that up.

Here is Mine