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Monday, August 3, 2009

Blue Monday 03/08

First Bloom

The first bloom on our Crepe Myrtle tree. With the beautiful blue sky behind it.


Boo-Bah said...

What a beautiful deep blue sky. The flowers were pretty too.


I'm Julia said...

Nice shot :-) White crape myrtles are the prettiest, I think.

Anonymous said...

Nice shot! Isn't it nice to have a clear blue sky as a backdrop? I happen to do it once and it was amazing how the branches of a tree makes it more distinct in the photo.

I see you have a beautiful day ahead - it's raining from where I am.

Happy Blue Monday!


Cindy said...

Beautiful sky! We here on Cape Cod rarely get clear, beautiful skies like that.

LV said...

You really got a super sky shot with the blooms. Beautiful sight.

SmilingSally said...

Thanks for sharing. Happy Blue Monday.

Becky K. said...


Very delicate.

Becky K.
Hospitality Lane

Barb~Bella Vista said...

Gorgeous pictures....makes my heart bean faster.

Come over and enter my to have you.

Happy Blue Monday.


Lynn said...

Oh my....what a stunning photo!

shopannies said...

love the blue sky behind the simple white flower

Terry said...

Howdy Aussie Girl
What a fabulous blue Sky :)
Happy Blue Monday to you.
Thank you for sharing this beautiful photo today.
May you have the very best week ever.
Happy Trails

Pagan Sphinx said...

Beautiful white blossoms against a clear blue sky. What could be lovelier? Well done!

♥Itajeff♥ @Something To Share said...

Beautiful blue!
Happy Blue Monday and have a nice day

jeanne said...

Oh, beautiful. the sky is stunning and the crepe myrtle is too. My favorite photos are the one that I take looking up to the sky with flowers in the photo too. Or fall leaves or a fruit tree. Love it!!!

ClassyChassy said...

Nice shot! Have a great day!